Ice and Gin

When Chad Collins Charlestown first met Nikki Sixx in 1983, they spent almostChad Collins Charlestown, G&T an evening together in a chest full of ice. So far that is all that is mentioned about the incident: that the two were in there fro upwards of an hour and possibly practicing yoga at the same time.

On the other hand, what can lead a man into an impromptu ice bath other than sports injury. Well, what can lead a man to find ice in the middle of the night? No doubt it would be for a drink, or at least most likely. Truth comes out that the two ended up staying there partly because the ice was so plentiful. And why make the trouble of walking back and forth between the room and the ice room when you could simply stay in one?

What ended up happening was the two filled the ice machine with gin. They were essentially submerged in their own drink with the mission to drink themselves out.

While a task like this is not for the faint of heart, or rather not for any living being at all, it is an interesting experience. After being on tour for such a long time, one can imagine the change in perception from constant travel, sleepless nights, and endless parties. And possibly how it could lead to this…

The two were trying to be in the perspective of what it is like to be a drink itself. What it is like to fit in a glass, to stand tall like a decorative umbrella or a maraschino cherry. While the important thing is to bring a straw long enough that you can also drink the drink yourself while being a part of it… as an attempt to keep up and help your fully realize the illusion.

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Unverified Concert in Bolivia 1983

Salt Flats in BoliviaIn the winter of 1983, or so the story goes from a variety of people who said or said it didn’t happen, Chad Collins Charlestown headed to Bolivia in a private war plane with his band to play a benefit concert for a local militia on hiatus from a 12 day civil war.

While none of this can be factually verified, some of the band members claim the concert did take place. Some of them claim it did not. Chad Collins Charlestown, personally, takes no position on the matter, and elects neither to confirm or deny his bandmates’ claims that the concert happened, or that it did not happen.

Nevertheless the story goes that after meeting Motley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx in a hotel ice machine at the Belagio, Chad was allegedly invited to board a plane that night to meet one of the band’s foreign sponsors and friends. This of course was a tribute to how casually Chad handled his discovery of Mr. Sixx who actually was inside the ice machine at the time of their meeting. Chad apparently continued to dig ice out of the chest, and after realizing he might be interrupting something Nikki was trying to accomplish, he stopped and asked him if he’d rather he keep the ice in the machine.

Back in the hotel room Sal Onetti and Cal Kingston were waiting for rocks to accompany their whiskey. Alarmed that their friend hadn’t returned from the ice machine for over half an hour, they ventured there only to find Chad standing one legged in the ice machine with the Motley Crüe bassist, palms held together in a sun salutation toward the glowing vending machine on their right.

Concerned for his health and mental wellbeing, Cal carried the two down the hall away from the ice machine speaking about a hospital. Dragging his feet, Sixx anounced his private doctor in Stockholm would be the only one to look after the two of them, and that the expenses were prepaid yearly and extended into his inner circle. Cal carried them to the plane waiting outside and the two boarded via the cargo ramp.

Unfamiliar with the military design of the “private plane”, neither Chad nor Cal mentioned this, or the crew’s intention of heading to Bolivia for seven days.

What happens next, and what happened up to here is all factually unverifiable. And neither party will confirm or deny its truth.

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Watch A Helpful Guide To (Nearly) Every Marvel Easter Egg

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Did MTV really collect “every Marvel Easter Egg” in one video, like they claim? Probably not, and I’m sure a million nerds are Hulk-smashing in rage at everything they missed (there’s intentionally nothing from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the just-released Guardians of the Galaxy). Even so, the clip’s nearly 13 minutes and although you probably noticed most of the references before (DID YOU KNOW STAN LEE IS IN EVERY MARVEL MOVIE?!?), it’s still nice to have them all in one place.

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Space Needle Guests Say Drone Crashed Into Window

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Seattle’s iconic Space Needle looks to be completely undamaged after a small, white quadcopter drone operated by an Amazon employee may have crashed into an observation deck window Tuesday evening, police say.

Witnesses reported seeing an unmanned aerial vehicle buzzing around the Space Needle before “possibly” colliding with the structure, then zipping over to a nearby hotel room, they told police. The Seattle Police Department then contacted the resident of the room, who admitted to piloting the drone but said he merely approached, and did not collide with, the Space Needle.

The Amazon employee showed the police video of his drone flight, none of which suggested the drone actually hit the building. The video has been taken down from YouTube, but a few Vines posted by BuzzFeed have survived:

Commercial use of drones is generally prohibited in the United States while the Federal Aviation Administration works out how to…

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